Education Minnesota

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Education Minnesota is the largest union in the state that represents nearly 70,000 preK-12 teachers, school support staff and higher education faculty.


Education Minnesota was formed in 1998, as a result of the merger between the Minnesota Education Association and the Minnesota Federation of Teachers. Minnesota Education Association started in 1861 and Minnesota Federation of Teachers began in 1898. Both Minnesota Federation of Teachers and Minnesota Education Association strove for professional standards, improved working conditions and increased education opportunities for all students. In 1991, MEA and MFT began merging discussions after both organizations realized that they could be more effective working together than separately. Education Minnesota led the nation in bringing the two state education unions together.

Education Minnesota gives “voice” to the issues that affect educators and their students. They make sure members' voices are heard anywhere decisions get made that affect public education—whether it’s at the State Capitol, in Washington, D.C., or with local school administrators. Members are organized on a local basis and has about 440 local unions statewide. Local unions help mentor new teachers, provide professional development, negotiate and maintain work contracts, and much more.

Membership Costs
Student Membership: $25 per year
Reserve Membership: $602.40 per years
Substitute Membership: $55 per year
Associate Membership: $40 per year

  • Professional Support
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Job Security
  • Legal Representation
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Savings and Discounts
    • Auto and Home Insurance
    • Mortgage and Realty Programs
    • Discount Travel
    • Many, many more (click link above)
  • can be expensive
  • can block education reform
  • protects bad teachers
  • money could be used for "wrong" things

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