Position Openings
As education majors searching for employment upon graduation, there are many resources that can be utilized to help locate and apply for open positions. This page will focus on job fairs, the Internet, and other resources that can be accessed to locate employment opportunities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, throughout the United States, and even international positions.

Internet Resources

  • Job Search Engines
The Internet can be resourceful in many ways for future educators when trying to locate new job openings in certain states or areas within a state. However, making sure the sites are regularly updated is vital to ensure you have the best chance at finding job openings. Many states provide employment listing sites where schools post job openings for all education related fields.

For example, here is the education openings for the state of Wisconsin through the state government site:
Wisconsin Jobs
- Click on the link that correlates with your specific field within education and a PDF file should download to your computer with a current list of job openings.

For the state of Minnesota, the best Internet resource for job openings is through the Minnesota Association of School Administrators:
Minnesota Jobs
- Narrow your search by entering as much detailed information about your search.

Both education search engines from Wisconsin and Minnesota allow users to create their own login, profile, and upload their resume (application in Minnesota). It is possible to browse job openings for each state without creating a profile, however it is recommended that a profile be created for a couple of reasons:

  1. You will be notified via email when criteria of a new school posting matches your profile.
  2. Schools can view your resume or application online and contact you using search engines within the sites linked above.
  3. You can apply online for jobs using a resume or application filled out online.

For other states within the United States, the government website or education board will have detailed information. Usually a simple Google search (eg. Arizona teaching jobs) will return the premiere site for jobs in education within the first page. However, if you are simply looking for a job anywhere within the United States, a more broad site might apply better.

Examples of this include:
Education America
Want To Teach
K12 Jobs

All of these sites offer free registration, which allows you to upload a resume that is visible to school districts online, search job openings, and receive notification of job fairs.

Teaching internationally is also a possibility, but contains many more unknowns regarding the job itself along with life outside of school. If you are interested in teaching abroad I recommend investigating the entire opportunity very closely before determining whether it is the right situation. With that in mind, here is a site that caters to the education field in the international spectrum:
Teach Abroad

  • Job Fairs
Job fairs that don't specifically pertain to education are quite frequent across most states in the United States. However, determining which employers are going to be at these events is possible by contacting the director(s) of the job fair and asking which business and/or schools will be there. Certain states, such as Minnesota, have an annual job fair where school districts within the state are looking to hire. However, these job fairs can be limiting in regards to how many participants are allowed to attend. For example, the Minnesota Education Job Fair restricts access to only students and alumni from Minnesota schools.

Here are some links to job fairs in Wisconsin and Minnesota:
Minnesota Education Job Fair
Wisconsin Job Fairs

Here is a link to Midwest Teacher Job Fairs:
Midwest Teacher Job Fairs

Other job fairs within the United States can be found but require some searching through an educational website of each state. As of right now, there isn't an international job fair for teachers.

Additional Resources
  • Newspaper
As unlikely as it may seem, the newspaper can be a resource for potential employment. While this is obviously a fading method of obtaining a job, substitute positions, or teaching aids could be listed. This is always an opportunity to get your foot in the door.

  • Networking
Most states hold teacher conventions or workshops that can be used as a way to network, build relationships, and hopefully land a job. Aside from those potential opportunities, you will likely learn new techniques or methods that can be applied once you have been hired.