Substitute Teaching Substitute teaching can be a great place to start while looking for a more permanent teaching job. It is a great way to become familiar with the schools and to build relationships with other faculty.

Requirements (for Wisconsin)

There are two types of licensing for substitute teaching.

· 3-year Substitute Teacher Permit

· 5-year Substitute Teacher/Educator License

· Three-Year Substitute Teacher License

The 3-Year License is for short-term substitute teaching meaning only

-must fill complete PI-1602-SP License application

- $100 fee

-must have received a Bachelors degree at an accredited institution


-fingerprinting may be necessary

*Note that is important to contact the school and/or district in which you plan to substitute teach in. The district must request the permit as well as set up training for the permit holder.

-Additional information about certification training can be found here:

· Five-Year Substitute Teacher/Educator License

This License is for long term substitute teaching meaning you are substituting for 20 or more consecutive days.

-Must have completed state approved education training in any state approved educator training program.

- License application must be filled out.

*note there are multiple applications make sure to fill out the correct application.

-There is also a $100 fee if training degree was received from a WI institution and $150 for those who did not receive their training degree in WI.

-Fingerprinting may be required

-Detailed licensing info can be found here:

Other State Requirements can be found throught this link: